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Here at FISDC, keep an open mind and an open heart as you meet a diverse student population.

You can expect students of many different abilities, different ages and backgrounds. This is a great opportunity to learn about differences and diversity, and in the process make new friends who can enrich your life with different ways of thinking about life and success.

You will learn to take personal responsibility for your own success.

Faculty at FISDC are not under the “publish or perish” yoke, they are able to spend their time teaching and mentoring students.

Classes are generally small, much as they are at international schools, and so teachers can readily notice a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses and tailor instruction to suit that student.

FISDC offers numerous academic programs to meet the needs of most students. Health care, Culinary Arts, Organic Farming, Care Giving, Fashion Designing—these are just some of the programs FISDC students can pursue.

Every program of ours have a study cum internship option abroad. Our Culinary Art has an extension study in USA. Our Care Giving Program has an extension in Canada and our Organic Farming Program in Israel.

Students are assigned a dedicated counselor who provides assistance and advice in choosing classes and options in navigating a student’s chosen path to a particular degree program.

FISDC does not provide only academic counseling but will offer a wide variety of other support services.

Affordable tuition is also a key component of what FISDC can offer.

Students in FISDC enjoy not only a solid education that prepares them either for the workforce or for transferring credits towards a bachelor’s degree, but they enjoy extra-curricular activities as well. Sports, clubs, volunteer work, etc. are all available for students interested in supplementing their educational experience.

FISDC have an open door policy for general admission whereby we accept all students who apply. Nevertheless, we have implemented testing to assess students' in English, and reading so that those who may need improvement in these areas are able to take the additional classes.

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