New Age Diploma in Organic Farming & Water Management
The Rationale
The governments in every country have cared for their citizens very poorly by supplying food that is grown in accord with the principles of modem chemical agriculture. Such food is not only lacking in full nutrition and vitality, but is filled with harmful chemicals that poison the body over the time.
1. Even in well-developed countries, where there is plenty of food for all, there is an escalating problem of malnutrition. Malnutrition is the root cause of many diseases and results in a lack of full development and proper functioning to the physiology. Such lack leads to a myriad of other educational, social, economic and other problem.
2. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides rob the soil of health, life, and vitality and thus produce crops that lack nutrition. These crops further contain residues from the poisonous chemicals. Now emphasis is laid on organic agriculture which primarily depends on On-farm resources and maintains the farm biodiversity for sustaining the production in long run.
3. The present program aims to tap the global market of organic by production and certification.
1. To impart knowledge and proficiency in Organic production practices, Certification process and Marketing of organically raised agriculture products , and.
2. To promote self employment and income generation.
Syllabus Program Structure (Syllabus Outline).(Semester I) Organic Farming
BAP-001   Introduction to Organic Farming 2
BAPI-001   Organic Production System 6
BAPI-002   Inspection and Certification of Organic Produce 4
BAPI-003   Economics and Marketing of Organic Produce 4
ENG-001   Basic English 4
  TOTAL     20
Growing urbanization and industrialization, increasing demand for agriculture produce, has led to increasing demand for agriculture produce has led to over exploitation of limited surface as well as ground water resource. This has also resulted in share decline in ground water table. The situation can be effectively reversed through rainwater harvesting which essentially means collection and storage of the rainwater from rooftop or from surface catchments for future use. Despite various initiatives including legislative measures, very little rainfall conserved and harvested. This certificate program in water harvesting and management intends to generate mass awareness and disseminate skills through trained human resources, about rain water harvesting techniques and management for the optimal use of harvested water by all concerned.
1. To sensitize and educate learners on augmentation and utilization of water resources;
2. To impart necessary skills and expertise to understand water harvesting techniques;
3. To enable learners to act as trainers and organizer at household and community levels for efficient water management in terms of its usage and also for water conversation.
Program Structure (Syllabus Outline). (Semester II) Water Management.
ONR-001   Introduction to Water Harvesting 2
ONR-002   Basics of Hydrology 6
ONR-003   Water Harvesting, Conservation and Utilization and Drip Irrigation 4
ONRL-001   Practical Training at Water Harvesting Agency and Drip Irrigation Company. 4
ENG-002   Basic English 4
  TOTAL     20
   Add on education in Marketing :
  1. Understanding the Challenge   6. Competition
  2. Marketing Development   7. Product Development
  3. Pricing   8. Advertising & Communication
  4. Packaging   9. Distribution
  5. Advanced English

  10. Market Analysis

  The student are placed at various organic foods selling out fits for a first hand knowledge.
  1. Production of Pulses (dal) & Rice t   6. Making of Organic Jams
  2. Production of Fruit Juices   7. Production of Organic Honey
  3. Pricing   8. Groundnut Oil Production
  4. Production of Jaggery.   9. Milk Production under organic environment
  5. Dates Processing & Packaging


Here the student will spend one week at the agro-company to know the technical techniques used inproduction of rice, wheat, honey & pulses. All students will have to do an assignment on Effect of Climate Change & Chemical Pesticide in food production patterns.

After Passing of two semester exams and practical training abroad for 10 months you will be awarded Diploma in Agriculture (organic).
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